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Day 5 – No Biking

August 30, 2008

Day 5

Rising at 8, we decided to take a day off from cycling, and tour the engineering firm that our friend runs. After, we went to Pittsford for lunch, and had a nice meal right on the Erie Canal, and watched pleasure craft glide up and down the canal.

Arriving back at the house, we both took well needed naps, and blogged and read books. After another healthy dinner, we took in a little more DNC, before I connected to the internet and put up a new post on the blog.


Miles: 0
Avg Spd: 0
Mechanicals: 0
Bunnies: 0
Trains: 0
Roadkill: 0
West-EastCross Country Cyclists: 1
Hours of Rain: 1.5