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Day 11 – Calling GOOG 411 again.

January 11, 2009
Tent site behind church

Tent site behind church

We awoke behind the church, and ate crumbly donuts while we broke camp. As we wheeled our bikes through the lawn, I noticed that my rear tire was entirely flat. The tube was replaced with a patch tube, but both the new one and the old one leaked. Then, we realized that our patch kit was pretty old, and wasn’t working properly. We had no more spare tires, and all our patchable flats weren’t patchable with the equipment we had. We tried calling GOOG411 and the Yellow Pages to find bike shops, and I found a few in the area that might be open around 10.

Another possibility was that I might need a new wheel for me, but I couldn’t ride to the bike shop, if it was even open yet. Eventually, we decided that I would ride Dad’s Seven to the bike shop, and get CO2, food, a good patch kit, and four tubes. I rode, because I could get to the bike shop and back faster. When I arrived at the bike shop, low and behold, it didn’t open til noon on Wednesdays. Ugh. I asked a liquor store clerk if he knew of any other bike shops in town. Surprisingly, he did, and told me how to get there. That one was also closed, but opened at 10 am, so I got breakfast at the 7 11, and waited for the store to open.

Fixing flats in the church parking lot

Fixing flats in the church parking lot

When it opened, I got the parts, and got some food for Dad, and rode back at a quick pace. Upon arrival, we sat in the cool shade of the church, and ate the remaining breakfast. We put one of the new tubes in, and with our sore fingers forced the tire back on the wheel. When we went to pump it up, we discovered that the CO2 cartridges I had purchased were too big. The hand pump was used instead, and the pressure held. Hooray!

Rough riding in michigan

Rough riding in michigan

We rode on through Michigan, on Romeo Road, which had lots of traffic, and was pretty narrow. The map we had wasn’t very helpful, because many of the roads in this part of Michigan are dirt. However, this map didn’t show which were paved, and which were dirt. Also, many roads are straight for miles, and overlap section lines on the map. So, we had planned to take one route, but in fact we had chosen to ride on section lines, not roads. One of these section lines actually went through a lake, which didn’t work. We ended up going on many dirt roads, and I broke another spoke on one of these. We decided to fix it when we got to the campground. Further on, we came to a section of road that had been recently re-graveled. It was impossible to ride with our narrow tires. This was our one walking section of the whole trip.

At lunch, we reached Lake Orion, and had lunch at a nice little cafe, and got some food for dinner. We gave our CO2 cartridges to a bike shop, and asked about road recommendations. We were recommended to go south, and ride there. The clerk said that Michigan has the nation’s worst roads, and they don’t have much budget to fix them up. I spent a while blogging, and then we biked on, toward Holly State Park.

Michigan State Park Mini Cabin

Michigan State Park Mini Cabin

When we got to the state park, and rode up to the ranger station. We talked to the ranger about the pricing for the camping, and found out that the tent sites were $25, and they also had mini cabins for $45. We thought about how nice a mini cabin would be, to have a roof over our head, some space to move around, and be able to charge our devices. After we paid for the cabin, we went outside to pick up our bikes, and it started to drizzle. The drizzle quickly became a downpour, at times coming down so hard it nearly felt like hail. When we got to the mini cabin half a mile later, we were drenched. I was glad to have a plastic box to keep our sleeping bags and some clothes dry.

After it stopped raining, I went to the bathrooms to do some laundry, and then it started raining again while I was laundering. I waited for it to stop, and then went back to have dinner at the cabin. After dinner, we watched a movie, I blogged, and we slept.

Nate drying out in Mini Cabin

Nate drying out in mini cabin

Miles: 45 Nate / 35 Sam
Avg Spd: 17.8
Mechanicals: 2
Roadkill/ mile: 3
Serious cyclist: 0
Hours of Rain: 0.2
Miles of highway with shoulder: 2
Minutes Dad spent thinking about work: 0
Hours of rolling time: 3 hours, 20 mins
Hours of waking time: 16 hours.
Points on buck we followed along the road: 4