Day 8 – Our First Whole Day in Canada

Our tentsite behind the barn

Our tentsite behind the barn

We woke before 7, to the sounds of birds, crickets, and a few cars passing on the road by the farm.  We ate PopTarts while we took the tent down, and packed up our things.

Seeing Port Dover on the map, we decided to ride to it, and ended up going around a huge steel mill, with large fenced-in well landscaped grounds.

Riding along Lake Eire

Riding along Lake Eire

The smells from the steel mill were sometimes awful, so much so at times that I had to cover my face with yesterday’s sock to keep the smell at bay. (No, not really, I just used my hand.) There was a conveyor belt feeding the steel mill, we saw how it went out to a huge pier, where ships would unload ore. Our plan was to eat breakfast in Port Dover, and we found a Tim Hortons that also had WiFi, so we ate and blogged for a while there.

For the most part, the roads were as quiet as we could wish. They were real straight, too. I’d been worried we’d be bored to death from the straightness of them, but it was a different kind of riding than I was used to, and it was nice to just blast on. And on, and on. The scenery was a little lacking, since we’d seen cornfields before, and once you’ve seen one soybean field, you’ve seen them all.

We pulled off the road at a crossroads to take a break.

Taking a roadside break

Taking a roadside break

The orange Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad I’ve been using is quite useful at times like this. The grass is wet, but we spread out the Z-pad, and relax on the dry pad. While we were resting, some chickens came to check us out. They seemed like they were too tame, but the place they were at had a whole bunch of other fowl, including turkeys, so we figured the owners knew what they were doing.

After Straffordville, we got on Rt 3, and headed through Alymer, but it was narrow and really busy, so we headed south, and tried to go toward St. Thomas from there. There were some more dips, and the hills up out of them were really quite steep.

At a crossroads with a Road Closed sign, we took another break, and chatted with a retired local farmer about road conditions and crops. We took his advice and rode to St. Thomas, and took up at a motel with WiFi.

We washed up, walked down the main drag to a nice restaurant, and had most of a pizza. The sun was setting as we walked back, and I got some nice photos of the sunset. I took advantage of the WiFi at the motel to do some school work, and Dad washed some clothes.

St Thomas (Ont) at night

St Thomas (Ont) at night

We have a device called SPOT, which is a GPS tracking device that uses the satellite phone network to relay it’s position to the internet.  Some of our family members had fun tracking us online as we travelled across the country.  Learn more at

I also have a Facebook page for this ride, and if you become a fan, you’ll get updated whenever I post a new page.

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Miles: 76
Avg Spd: 15.0
Mechanicals: 0
Bunnies: 0
Trains: 1
Roadkill: 11
West-East Cross Country Cyclists: 0
Serious cyclist: 6
Hours of Rain: 0
Herons: 0
Miles lost to headwind: 20
miles of highway with shoulder: 1


One Response to “Day 8 – Our First Whole Day in Canada”

  1. Seth Says:

    YEAH!!! Pop Tarts before the ride! You’re definitely going to fit in with NU Cycling!

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